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Hong Kong’s Leading Diving Authority

Widely recognized as Hong Kong and China’s preeminent dive tour and dive facilities operator, Diving Express Ltd was born in 2001 with the main philosophy of offering bespoke value-oriented services that cater to SCUBA diving and underwater photography enthusiasts cultivating happiness through underwater endeavors.

As the region’s industry leading PADI and SCUBA resource with the broadest range of diving and underwater photography products and services available, Diving Express Ltd aims to allow each of our customers a memorable and rich experience, no matter what product or service tendered.

Founding Director Denny Wong brings over 20 years professional diving experience to the helm of Diving Express. Through his guidance and passion for underwater adventure and exploration, the dedicated team of professionals at Diving Express are year-round, full-time dive enthusiasts respected as some of the best in the region.

From diving equipment sales and services to SCUBA courses and certification, dive travel bookings to underwater photography and filming courses, there are no limits to what Diving Express Ltd can do or will do to cater to the desires of our diving and underwater photography enthusiast clients.

CFC Tower Front Desk

CFC Tower Front Desk

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