Maintenance and repair services
Full Gear
ItemFee scheduleLead time
1. Full gear(First stage, Second stage, Octopus, Console)
Scubapro$950 ~ $1150Over 10 days
Sherwood$800 ~ $1100Over 10 days
Mares$800 ~ $1100Over 10 days
Beuchat$800 ~ $1100Over 10 days
$800 ~ $1050Over 10 days
Apeks$800 ~ $1200Over 10 days
Bism$1000 ~ $1500Over 10 days
Aqua-lung$800 ~ $1100Over 10 days
SAS$1000 ~ $1500Over 10 days
Apollo$800 ~ $1200Over 10 days
SeacSub$800 ~ $1100Over 10 days


ItemFee scheduleLead time
2. Console
Depth gauge / Pressure gauge$100 ~ $1807 days
Pressure guage$80 ~ $1507 days
Depth guage$80 ~ $1507 days
3. Second stage$180 ~ $3507 days
4. First stage$300 ~ $6007 days
5. BCD$300 ~ $40010 days
6. Infaltor$150 ~ $3007 days

Change battery for Diving Computer
ItemFee scheduleLead time
8. Change battery for Diving Computer
Suunto (Regular)$4004 to 10 days
Suunto (Express)$500day after tomorrow
Suunto (Daily Pickup)$600same day
Mares (Puck Wrist, Nemo Excel)$450~$65010 days
Scubapro Meridian Family$90014 days
Aladin (One/ Prime / Tec,Tec2G,Galileo Family, Pro, Sport/ULTRA/Smart Pro, Smart Com/Z, Aldain Air, Air Z Family )$90014 days
Aladin (Air Z or Transmitter)$180014 days



For Computers Services details:
– Complete battery replacement kits
– Pressurized chamber test
– 30 days battery service warrant


Terms and Conditions:

  1. HKD150 checking fee will be charged for each instrument, this fee will be counted as a part of the repairing fee after maintenance. It normally takes two to three weeks for the maintenance.
  2. For the annual service, specified parts will be replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s suggestion.
  3. Technician will take the instrument apart for inspecting any damaged to be repaired.
  4. Inspection fee is non-refundable while the option of maintenance is not preferred.
  5. Compromised quotation means an authorized maintenance. Any issues during the maintenance, customer will be notified for further quotation if necessarily.
  6. Customer will be informed to pick up the instrument once the maintenance is done.
  7. Old parts of the instrument will be returned when picking up. Repairing procedure will be explained by staff simultaneously.
  8. After the maintenance, a one-month warranty will be guaranteed only with the invoice.
  9. Shop will guarantee a thirty-day warranty of the changed battery for the changing battery service.
  10. Differences in terms of the maintenance fee, duration of maintenance or any processes, are possible due to different models. Please feel free to enquire before the maintenance being conducted.
  11. Customer is advised to pick up the fixed instrument within thirty days after notification. Otherwise, HKD200 will be charged for each item for each month. Our company reserves all the handling rights for any delayed pickup more than two months.