Air Refill

Air RefillTank VolumePrice (HKD)
Regular Tank FillBelow 63 cu ft / 9 litre60
Large Tank FillAbove 63 cu ft / 9 litre80


Scuba Tank / Weight Rental

ItemDescriptionLocalOverseas 5 daysOverseas 7 days
Tank63 cu ft / 9 litre120NilNil
Twin Tanks250NilNil
Deco Tank40 cu ft / 6 litre90Nil Nil
Weight with Belts12 lbs25NilNil


Scuba Equipment

Scuba Equipment RentalRemarkLocal5 Days Oversea7 Days Oversea
Full Set200550750
BCD plus Regulator-set
Regulator set
3mm Wet Suit
Mask and Snorkel
Floating jacket



AccessoriesRemarkLocal5 Days Oversea7 Days Oversea
Scubapro 5mm Wet Suit100300450
Dive Computer100300450
Diving Light (battery included)60200250
"Safety Sausage"5090120


Tech Equipment

Tech EquipmentRemarkLocal5 Days Oversea7 Days Oversea
Regulator (DIN) with bladder set, harness and plate4009501200
Regulator set
Bladder (70 lbs) w/ harness and plate150400500


Photography Equipment

Photography Equipment RemarkLocal5 Days Oversa7 Days Oversea
INTOVA IC14(no memory card)150400500
Base, Arm and Fibre Cable80150200
Sea & Sea YS-27100300400
Sea & Sea YS-27 with arm and fibre cable150400500
Sea & Sea YS-90 w/ arm and optic-fibre cable200450550
Sea & Sea YS-110
Base and Arm set
6" arm x 2 +3clamps+1base + 1 strobe adaptor
Strobe Arm
8" or 10"
Strobe Arm
12", 14" or 18"
5 pins Syn Cord
5 pins Dual Syn Cord

Conditions of Rental:
1. Before renting, please inquire about details regarding appropriate use and handling.
2. Please check any rental equipment for any defects or damages.
3. Upon return, please ensure the rental equipment goes to the appropriate person.
4. Diving Express reserves the right to accept (or not!) a deposit, in any kind or form, at it’s own discretion.
5. Batteries are exlcuded for all rental of camera, strobe and torch (except with special battery pack).
6. When rental equipment is returned damaged, Diving Express Ltd. retains the right to charge the customer for any repairs and/or replacement of the damaged part(s).
7. When a customers fails to return quipment rented, Diving Express Ltd. reserves the right to charge the customer for replacement of the equipment rented.
8. In case of any disputes, Diving Express retains the right to have the final word.
9. Diving Express reserves the right to charge the customer for any damages or loss, of rental equipment, according to local law.
10. Rental price should be negotiated if the rental period is more than 7 days.