Diving Equipment Maintenance Services

Full set

ItemAnnual service fee (HKD)Lead time
Scubapro$1050 ~ $13503 weeks
Mares$1100 ~ $14003 weeks
Aqualung$1300 ~ $16003 weeks
Apeks$1400 ~ $18003 weeks
Beuchat$1000 ~ $13003 weeks
Cressi-Sub$1100 ~ $13503 weeks
Bism$1300 ~ $18003 weeks
SAS$1300 ~ $18003 weeks
Apollo$1400 ~ $18003 weeks
Sherwood$1000 ~ $13003 weeks
SeacSub$1000 ~ $13003 weeks

BCD, Regulator and Gauge

ItemAnnual service fee (=HKD)Lead time
2. Gauges
Depth and Pressure gauge$100 ~ $180 > 10 days
Pressure gauge$80 ~ $150 > 10 days
Depth gauge$80 ~ $150 > 10 days
3. Second stage$180 ~ $350 > 10 days
4. First stage$300 ~ $600 > 10 days
5. BCD$300 ~ $400
6. inflator of BCD$150 ~ $300 > 10 days

BCD, Regulator and Gauge

ItemReplacement fee (HKD)Lead time
8. battery replacement
Sunnto (Regular) $400 4 to 10 days
Sunnto (Express) $500 next day
Sunnto (Daily Pickup) 600Daily
Mares (Puck Wrist, Nemo Excel) $450~$650 10 days
Scubapro Meridian Family $900 14 days
Aladin (One/ Prime / Tec,Tec2G,Galileo Family, Pro,
Sport/ULTRA/Smart Pro, Smart Com/Z, Aldain Air, Air Z Family )
$900 14 days
Aladin (Air Z or Transmitter) $1800 14 days

Remark: Battery replacement services includes

  • Battery replacement
  • Pressure test
  • 30 days warranty

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Inspection fee of HKD150.00, which will be deducted from the repair charges if any.  Remember to keep receipt for further reference.  General check-up lead time would be around two weeks.
  2. Original parts will be used for general check-up and repair except special request.
  3. Equipment will be disassembled in front of the client for simple checkup and confirmation of parts replacement needed as requested.
  4. No re-fund of inspection fee in case of client refuses further services quotation of parts replacement, repair and labour related services.
  5. Further / additional quote of services may be required once the said services are not included in previous quote(s).
  6. We will notify for equipment collection ASAP upon services completion.
  7. Upon collection, client will receive not only repaired equipment in good conditions, but also all “be replaced” parts for reference.  Client needs to settle the balance upon receipt of fee note.
  8. Remember to keep all receipt(s) for further reference. All serviced equipment has one month warranty upon the date of collection.
  9. 30 days of warranty for all battery replacement.
  10. Lead time and charges are subjected to change according to type of equipment, model, etc…
  11. All serviced equipment should be collected within one month upon notification.  Additional fee HKD200.00 per month will be charged for all overdue items.  Those overdue two months (60 days) item(s) are assumed abandoned and we are free and have all rights to handle and manage.

Why Diving Express?

Diving Express is a PADI Career Development Center (CDC).  This classification is awarded to PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centers that dedicate their businesses to professional development for dive instructors. These dive shops meet the highest requirements for training PADI Professionals and offer career-oriented programs to prepare scuba diving professionals for employment in the dive industry, as well as offer job placement assistance for program graduates.

We have our own training facility such as indoor training pool, diving boats, and classrooms.  Our dive center includes travel consultant team, equipment and underwater photography sales team, dive training team.  (Our dive training team has 3 Course Directors, several Master Instructors and IDC Staff Instructors, professional Divemasters.)  We are a one-stop dive center and we can assist you in anyway which you can think of for scuba diving.