Diving equipment rental

Refill Services

ItemvolumeFee (HKD)
Tank Refill63 cu ft / 9 liter or below
Tank RefillAbove 63 cu ft / 9 liter

Air Tank and weights

ItemContentLocal (HKD)Overseas (up to 5 days) Overseas (up to 7 days)
Single air tank63 sq. feet / 9 Liters120.00NANA
Twin air tank250.00NANA
Decompression tank40 sq. feet / 6 Liters90.00NANA
Weight belt with weights12 Lbs.25.00NANA

SCUBA Diving Equipment

ItemLocal (HKD)Overseas (up to 5 days) Overseas (up to 7 days) Extra per Day
Full set200550 750
BCD + Regulator (std component)150 400600
BCD80 250 350
Regulator (std component)80 250 350
3mm wetsuit5015020030
5mm-7mm wetsuit10030045050
Dry suit75030003800350
Diving computer10030045050
Safety sausage with wheel509012020
Diving light (700 Lumen), w/ battery6020025050
Mask w/ snorkel 5015020030
Safety vest30NANANA
SideMount BCD15040060080
SideMount Regulator200550750100
SideMount BCD + SideMount Regulator35010001500200
O2 tank150NANANA
Snorkelling set130NANANA

Tech Diving Equipment

ItemLocal (HKD)Overseas (up to 5 days)Overseas (up to 7 days)
First and Second stage w/ air bladder, black plate (DIN version)
First and Second stage (DIN version)250700900
Air bladder (up to 70 Lbs.) + black plate w/ belt150400500
Dry Suit5001,8002,500 ($300 for each additional day)

Photography and Videography Equipment

ItemContentLocal (HKD)Overseas (up to 5 days)Overseas (up to 7 days)
INTOVA IC14(excludes memory card) 150400500
Base, Arm and Fibre Cable 80150200
Sea & Sea YS-27 100300400
Sea & Sea YS-27 w/ trey and fiber150400500
Sea & Sea YS-90 w/ trey and fiber200450550
Sea & Sea YS-110
Tray and arms6" arm x 2 + butterfly latch x 3 + base x 1 + flash base x 1
Arms8" or 10"30100150
Arms12", 14" or 18"
5 pins Syn Cord (single connection) 50150200
5 pins Dual Syn Cord (1 to 2 connections)


1. 租用儀器前請查詢租用詳情及細節, 免卻不必要誤會。
2. 當從本公司取得租用儀器及離去前, 應小心檢查儀器是否正常及操作無誤方可離開及使用。3.租用期滿時, 租用者務必需把儀器完整無缺的交回本公司。
4.除特別要求外, 本公司不會收取按金, 但本公司保留收取按金之權利。
6.如本公司發現租用之儀器損壞, 本公司保留對租用者收取修理費及及賠償之權利。
7.如本公司發現租用之儀器遺失, 本公司保留對租用者收取賠償之權利。
8.如有任何爭議, 本公司擁有最後裁決之權利。

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    Why Diving Express?

    Diving Express is a PADI Career Development Center (CDC).  This classification is awarded to PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centers that dedicate their businesses to professional development for dive instructors. These dive shops meet the highest requirements for training PADI Professionals and offer career-oriented programs to prepare scuba diving professionals for employment in the dive industry, as well as offer job placement assistance for program graduates.

    We have our own training facility such as indoor training pool, diving boats, and classrooms.  Our dive center includes travel consultant team, equipment and underwater photography sales team, dive training team.  (Our dive training team has 3 Course Directors, several Master Instructors and IDC Staff Instructors, professional Divemasters.)  We are a one-stop dive center and we can assist you in anyway which you can think of for scuba diving.