Hong Kong Fun Diving Schedule

Boat schedule for Oct

Date Day of Week   ActivitiesFeeRemark
Boat ABoat BBoat C
10.01FriSharp IslandEast DamTrio IslandPublic HolidayHK$540Sai Kung / 08:45
10.02SatSharp IslandLan Tau PaiTiu Chung ChauHK$460Sai Kung / 08:45
10.03SunSharp IslandYin Tsz NgamBasalt IslandHK$540 Sai Kung / 08:45
10.06Wed/ Basalt Island/ HK$460Sai Kung / 08:45
10.07Thu/ Tiu Chung Chau/ HK$460Sai Kung / 08:45
10.09SatSharp IslandNine Pins IslandsTrio IslandHK$460Sai Kung / 08:45
10.10SunSharp IslandFast DamPak Lap TsaiHK$540 Sai Kung / 08:45
10.13Wed/ Back of Sharp Island/ HK$460Sai Kung / 08:45
10.14ThuSharp IslandTsim ChauEast DamPublic HolidayHK$540Sai Kung / 08:45
SatSharp IslandBasalt IslandTiu Chung ChauHK$460Sai Kung / 08:45
10.17SunSharp IslandTsim ChauYin Tsz NgamHK$540 Sai Kung / 08:45
10.20Wed/ Pak Lap Tsai/ HK$460Sai Kung / 08:45
10.21Thu/ Trio Island/ HK$460Sai Kung / 08:45
10.23SatSharp IslandEast DamPak Lap TsaiHK$460Sai Kung / 08:45
10.24SunTrio IslandDawn + Night Dive
(16:00 - 21:00)
Details and Seat reservation
HK$580Sai Kung / 15:30
10.24SunSharp IslandNine Pins IslandsLong KeHK$540 Sai Kung / 08:45
10.27Wed/ Tiu Chung Chau/ HK$460Sai Kung / 08:45
10.28Thu/ East Dam/ HK$460Sai Kung / 08:45
10.30SatSharp IslandBasalt IslandBack of Sharp IslandHK$460Sai Kung / 08:45
10.31SunSharp IslandPak Lap TsaiTrio IslandHK$540 Sai Kung / 08:45

Boat schedule for Nov

DayWeek DayBoatActivitiesFeeRemark
Boat ABoat B
11.03WedSharp IslandHKD460Sai Kung / 08:45
11.04ThuSharp IslandHKD460Sai Kung / 08:45
11.06SatSharp IslandTiu Chung ChauHKD460Sai Kung / 08:45
11.07SunSharp IslandSteep IslandHKD540Sai Kung / 08:45
11.10WedSharp IslandHKD460Sai Kung / 08:45
11.11ThuSharp IslandHKD460Sai Kung / 08:45
11.13SatSharp IslandTrio IslandHKD460Sai Kung / 08:45
11.14SunSharp IslandBasalt IslandHKD540Sai Kung / 08:45
11.17WedSharp IslandHKD460Sai Kung / 08:45
11.18ThuSharp IslandHKD460Sai Kung / 08:45
11.20SatSharp IslandWhiskey BayHKD460Sai Kung / 08:45
11.21SunSharp IslandShelter IslandHKD540Sai Kung / 08:45
11.24WedSharp IslandHKD460Sai Kung / 08:45
11.25ThuSharp IslandHKD460Sai Kung / 08:45
11.27SatSharp IslandTai She WanHKD460Sai Kung / 08:45
11.28SunSharp IslandBasalt IslandHKD540Sai Kung / 08:45

Boat dive fee schedule

Weekday / Diver
Fun Dive Boat 0900-1630
Training Boat: 0900-1300, 1400-1800
(HK$290 non-diver)
Saturday / Diver
Fun Dive Boat 0900-1630
Training boat at Sharp Island: 0900-1300, 1400-1800, 1800-2030 (one night dive)
(HK$290 non-diver / HK$250 one night dive)
Sun / Public holiday(s) / Diver
Fun Dive Boat 0900-1630
Training Boat at Sharp Island: 0900-1300, 1400-1800
(HK$350 non-diver)
New Mouth Piece
Safety SMB
Dive Computer
Full Scuba Gear
Reg + BCD
Upgrade to SM Tanks
Upgrade to Nitrox 32 Tanks
Extra Tank
5-7 Warm Protection Suit
Go Pro Sport Camera
Smartphone Housing
Scuba Review
DSD Program

Sai Kung pier

Wu Kai Sha Pier

The above itinerary depends on the weather conditions .  Diving Express Ltd reserves the right to change the itinerary and/or dive site without prior notice, and without any compensation or refund if it is deemed not safe to dive the scheduled site on the day.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The stated dive trip fee includes boat fee, 2 dives, weights and weight belt. Any extra dive at HK $ 120.
  2. Lunch is available on Sundays and Public Holidays, but ONLY to divers participating in a full-day dive trip. (Due to Covid-19, we will no longer provide lunch on our boat until the end of 2020) For trips on Monday to Saturday, (non-) divers are to bring their own lunch. Soft drinks are for sale on board, drinking water is provided for free.
  3. The dive trip fee does NOT include the dive guide fee. Before the trip, Diving Express Ltd staff/rep will check each diver ’s diving certification (C-card).
  4. Unguided diving activities must be conducted in “buddy pairs”/small groups.
  5. Underwater Cleaning Days, must bring self cutter or scissors, at least 20 dive logs (local) is required to participate.
  6. Black Water Photography Days, at least 60 dive logs (local) is required to participate.
  7. Dive sites of One Foot Rock, Sung Kong, Victor Rock and Po Toi Island require at least 60 dive logs (local) and AOW diver certification to participate. Also appropriate “diving safety sausage” is a must along diving activities.
  8. Each diver must hold at least the PADI Open Water Diver certification (or equivalent), must have been certified no less than 3 months prior and logged at least 20 dives.  Or  each diver must hold at least the PADI Open Water Diver certification (or equivalent), AND at least one diver must be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent). Any buddy pair/small group that does not meet either one of the above 2 requirements, must use guided. (please apply upon dive trip registration). For details, please refer to the “Divemaster Guide Service”.
  9. All persons boarding, both divers and non-divers, must read and sign an activity disclaimer before boarding.  All certified divers, PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent, are required to read and sign a risk & liability declaration to ensure that diving activities can be carried out safely. For the disclaimer/declaration, please refer to the diver certification and disclaimer section.
  10. In order to ensure safe diving, divers must stay well within their level of experience-, comfort and certification. Before ascending (directly or from your safety stop) you must deploy a DSMB/SMB.  A safety stop of 3 minutes at 5 mtr depth is strongly recommended. Each buddy pair or small group must have at least one DSMB/SMB.  For rental, please refer to the equipment rental table.
  1. Special Dive Trips refer to long-distance dive sites, including
    1. Sung Kong, Po Toi, Beaufort Island, Shek Ngau Chau, Port Island, Tung Ping Chau, Hoi Ha, Crescent Island etc.  A surcharge of HKD80.00 will be charged.
    2. One Foot Rock, Victor Rock, Waglan Island, Shui Wu Pai. A surcharge of HKD120.00 will be charged.
  2.  A boat dive coupon can be used for half-day or full-day trips, with a limit of 2 dives trip. For use on Sundays or public holidays, a surcharge of HKD80.00 will be charged.
  3. 10 coupons, boat + 2 dives/weights each, at  HKD3,900.00.
  4. 10 coupons, boat + 2 dives/weights + full set of dive gear (excl. dive computer) each, at HKD5,400.00.

After reading the fee/surcharge details and declaration/disclaimer, you can book through the following options:

Webpage: This page has a link to the booking form

Please provide the date, number of people, names of all participants, contact phone number, email address, equipment rental information (if applicable), including size, etc. when booking.

After receiving your booking request, we will issue a invoice and payment method. Please pay within three days to confirm the booking, otherwise your booking may be cancelled. After payment, please send proof of payment together with the diver’s/divers’ highest qualification certification card (C-card) by email mail to: training@divingexpress.com,  for diver certification verification. If you do not want to send the C-card in electronic form, you can take it on board for verification by the crew. All divers must provide certification before boarding. It is recommended that divers keep a copy of their C-card(s) on their phone, just in case one forgets to bring it.

If a diver’s certification can not be verified by Diving Express Ltd, crew or his/her instructor:

  • He/she can be denied boarding our boat.
  • He/she can be requested to pay an additional HKD450.00 for a divemaster or instructor to dive with him/her as a “PADI Discover Scuba Diving” programme .

In case verification is by the diver’s instructor, this instructor will have to sign a statement confirming this.

Payment can be directly made by bank transfer to: “Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation” account number: 636-170219-838, account name: Diving Express Ltd.

If you want to use a voucher, please state the voucher number when registering, and please give the voucher to the staff on duty when you board the boat.

Cancellation and Re-scheduling:

  1. Full refund applies only when the cancellation is confirmed seven(7) days before departure day.
  2. HKD200.00 administrative fee applies for all cancellation and re-scheduling within seven(7) days before departure day.
  3. On the day of departure, no re-fund for all cancellation; HKD200.00 administrative fee applies to re-scheduling.
  4. A doctor description letter must be presented in case of any medical concerns which cause cancellation and re-scheduling, administrative fee will be waived.

Cancellation due to adverse weather.

  1. In case of typhoon signal No. 1, the Thunderstorm Warning , the Yellow Rainstorm Warning, the Red Rainstorm Warning is issued within 2 hours before departure, the trip will continue; HKD200.00 administrative fee applies for those are absent.
  2. In case of typhoon signal No. 3 or higher, the Red- or Black Rainstorm Warning is issued within 2 hours before departure, the trip will be cancelled and rescheduled. No administrative fee applies.
  3. In case of weather conditions get worse during the journey and that is not suitable for water and diving activities, The boat captain will decide to continue or cancel the journey. In case of cancellation, no re-fund applies.
  • Please find the Diving Express rep on the pier and register, to confirm your presence and to notify you which berth your boat will be.
  • For morning trips and full day trips.
  • 08:45, at Sai Kung Old Pier, near berth 1.
  • For afternoon trip: 13:45, Sai Kung Old Public Pier No. 1 berth.
  • For Night dive: 17:45, Sai Kung Old Public Pier No. 1 berth.
  • Please note that location of boarding might be changed.
  • Details will be stated when registering. If there is any change, you will be notified by telephone.

A dive briefing will be provided on board and you need to pay attention to.

Our staff will verify each diver’s certification BEFORE boarding our boat. Divers can present their highest-level diver qualification/certification card by email / Whatsapp / Facebook Messenger when booking a dive trip or upon registering on the pier before boarding. Please note not the latter might cause some delay.

Dive Guide Service :

A dive guide is assigned to a group of maximum 5 divers. In order to keep “rule of dive buddy”, dive guide will provide suitable and useful information of the dive site for reference.  No dive skills review nor training related items be involved.

Fee: HKD450.00 / group with 2 dives a day.

Note: Dive Guide needs advance booking.  On spot arrangement may not be entertained.

On Board Special Rental Price

TypeItemOn Board Special
SnorkelingBuoyancy VestHK$50
Full gear (Buoyancy Vest + Mask + Snorkel + Fins)HK$150
Buoy for freedive + diving flag + weightHK$200
Air TanksAir Tank re-fill-
Extra TankHK$100
Upgrade Nitrox 32HK$150
Upgrade Side-mount Tanks, left and right handFree
Upgrade Twin Tanks HK$200
De-compression Tank - 40 sq. ft / 6 Ltr.HK$70
Lead weight & Weight Belt - 1.5 kg x 3-
Scuba GearSCUBA full gearHK$200
BCD + RegulatorHK$150
Wet Suit 3mmHK$50
Wet Suit 5mm-7mm HK$100
Mask & SnorkelHK$50
Diving ComputerHK$60
Night Dive Torch & BatteryHK$60
Mouth PieceHKD40
Sausage & wheelHK$50
Specialty GearBCD for Side Mount DivingHK$100
BCD for Side Mount Diving + 2 Din RegulatorsHK$250
Dry SuitHK$550
Full Face MaskHK$200
Tech Gear1st and 2nd stage & Bladder + Black Plate, Belt (DIN)HK$450
1st and 2nd stage full gear (DIN)HK$200
70 pound v + Black Plate and BeltHK$250
PhotographyGo Pro camera + housingHK$70
Go Pro set (camera, housing, red filter, memory card)HK$100
Xpoovv Smartphone housingHK$70
Xpoovv Smartphone housing set (housing, red filter , macro lens)HK$100
Weefine Smartphone housingHK$150
Weefine Smartphone housing set (housing,red filter, macro lens)HK$180
Macro lensHK$70
Sea and Sea YS-27 underwater flashHK$60
Inon D2000 underwater flashHK$90
Underwater video lightHK$100
Tray for underwater camera / camera housingHK$60

All divers must abide by the safety guidelines and the disclaimer (he/she read and signed) when diving.

If staff or crew finds that a diver’s behaviour, or use of modified/unsafe equipment, endangers the safety of themself and/or anybody else, the duty officer or captain has the right to immediately suspend his/her/their diving activities. No compensation nor refund will be made.

In case you get separated from your buddy/buddies/group, search underwater for 1 minute at most. If not found, ascent to the surface and look for your buddy/buddies/group. If you don’t see your buddy/buddies/group on the surface within 3 minutes, please immediately notify the Boat Manager, Duty Officer or the captain (or any staff member easiest to contact) so they can take make appropriate action immediately.

A copy of declaration form, to be signed by non-experienced divers on board

We recommend that you go to the Hong Kong Underwater Association ’s website to read the safety guidelines.

Collecting and/or touching any marine life/marine creature is strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not restricted to turtles, corals, fish, crustaceans, octopus etc, regardless of it being alive or dead.

Any type fishing gear is not allowed on board.

Please note that there is no service provided to look after your valuables. Diving Express Ltd. will not be responsible for any theft or loss.

You would like to visit our dive site page.

Why Diving Express?

Diving Express is a PADI Career Development Center (CDC).  This classification is awarded to PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centers that dedicate their businesses to professional development for dive instructors. These dive shops meet the highest requirements for training PADI Professionals and offer career-oriented programs to prepare scuba diving professionals for employment in the dive industry, as well as offer job placement assistance for program graduates.

We have our own training facility such as indoor training pool, diving boats, and classrooms.  Our dive center includes travel consultant team, equipment and underwater photography sales team, dive training team.  (Our dive training team has 3 Course Directors, several Master Instructors and IDC Staff Instructors, professional Divemasters.)  We are a one-stop dive center and we can assist you in anyway which you can think of for scuba diving.